Fashion, beauty and lifestyle photographer

I am specialized in fashion, beauty, books for actors, actresses and models. I live in Valencia Spain but I work in different Spanish cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

“I like images that exude elegance and harmony. I look for them to connect and express themselves from simplicity, trying to make each session different, adapting to what I’m looking for and making me move forward, but at the same time, having my own style”

Inspired by the fashion photography of the 80’s and 90’s, black and white images and photographs with character and strength.

My interest in photography began very early but it was not until 2015 when I decided to take my first steps in it. I studied it for 3 years, I made two diplomas in photographic studies obtaining degrees that enable me to practice it officially and professionally. Studying it helped me to understand it both in theory and in practice.

At the same time in the year 2021 I was awarded a scholarship for a year by Adobe, I was part of a program of 50 people focused on creating commercial content and stock, understand the market trend and customer needs.

I specialize in fashion photography both advertising and editorial, production of beauty images, makeup and hairdressing, books for actors, actresses, individuals and artists.

My style is elegant, casual and minimalist, but I like to go out of my comfort zone and take risks. I like images that exude elegance and harmony, I look for them to connect and express from simplicity, I try to make each session different, to adapt to what I’m looking for and to make me move forward, but at the same time I strive to have my own style.

My way of working is very focused on lifestyle, in most of my productions I value acting and natural movements, I like to create sequences and generate stories that can be seen. I have a degree in advertising and journalism, it’s not the same to tell stories with words than without them.

I have had the opportunity to work with different national and international brands, creating images for their fashion advertisements, making graphic reports in the backstage of different fashion shows and fashion events, attended film festivals and portrayed celebrities, as is the case of the Goya Awards 2022, I have done still photography in film shootings of feature films.

I work as a photographer in different schools of makeup and hairdressing, I do books and model tests for different modeling agencies and representation, in turn I do photo shoots for national stylists, celebrities and actors. As well as projecting my work internationally with specialized magazines in the United States, Canada, France, Dubai among others.

Since 2022, I have created a project called Valoa Studio, focused on commercial photography and video, specializing in everyday people doing ordinary things, we create visual concepts with purpose and help people from different areas to convey with images or videos what they want to communicate. The main core is lifestyle, sports, care and wellness, medicine and aesthetics, entrepreneurship and corporate content, among others.


Academic studies:
– 2009 – 2014 | Degree in journalism and advertising – Universidad Arturo Michelena (Venezuela).
– 2015 – 2017 | Diploma in photography – 800 academic hours – Espai d’art fotografic.
– 2017 – 2018 | Diploma in photography – 120 academic hours – Revelarte photography school.
– 2021 – 2022 | Online scholarship for 1 year – Commercial photography – Adobe Stock (Latam).

Some celebrities and actors:
Juana Acosta | Adriana Ugarte | Michelle Jenner | Vicky Luengo | María Romanillos | Jorge Motos | Gloria Ramos | José de Luna.

Some stylists and make-up artists:
Nacho Fernandez – Mr. Perez Management | Pedro Cedeño – Nuria Saenz | Paloma Barba | Kuki Gimenez Agency | Let’s Makeup | Josep Lopez Marti | Grace Makeup.

Some designers and stylists:
Sara Omatos | Edgar Molina | Francis Montesinos | Gustavo Lemus | Jaime Piquer | Oscar León | Freddy Alonso | Ana Capel | Ana Looking | Raquel Costa.

Some brands:
Carolina Herrera | Bulgari | Oscar de la renta | Apodemia | Otaduy | Lito&Lola | Riviera Coco | MTNG Mustang shoes | Yunsey Professional | Mesauda Cosmetics | Etnia Cosmetics | Etnia Cosmetics.

Some modeling agencies:
Carmen Duran Model Agency | 5.0 Models Management | Circulo Managenemt | Gracia Management |

Fashion and beauty editorials published in:
Elegant Magazine (USA) | Ellement Magazine (USA) | Fienfh Magazine (France) | Gmaro Magazine (France) | Marika Magazine (Russia) | Moevir Magazine (France) | Penida (France) | Roidx Magazine (France) | Runway (Dubai) | Scorpio Jin Magazine (USA) | Style Cruze (USA) | Vous Magazine (Spain)| Imirage Magazine (Canada).

Beauty Photographer:
– Since 2019 | Working with makeup schools (Ana Salmerón School, Paloma Barba Academy).

Still photography:
– 2020 | Film – The Consequences. (Cast: Juana Acosta, Alfredo Castro, Maria Romanillos, Sonia Almarcha entre otros).

Other types of work:
– 2018 | Photography of interior design – Fiorito Ruggeri Studios.
– 2020 | Portrait photography – Book Banco Banesco (New country of cinema).
– 2021 | Jewelry photography – B jewelry.

Event, runway and awards photography:
– 2016 | Miss Valencia.
– 2016 | Miss Pacific World.
– 2017 | Miss Universe Spain.
– 2017 | Runway – Tezenis.
– 2017 | Runway Penhalta – “Love Wedding”.
– 2017 | Barreira – “Fashion Now”.
– 2018 | Artec Fashion Show – Barreira moda.
– 2020 | Clec fashion event.
– 2021 | IV Valencia Audiovisual Awards – Berlanga Awards.
– 2022 | Goya Awards – Valencia.
– 2022 | V Audiovisual Awards Valencia – Berlanga Awards.
– 2022 | Clec fashion event (backstage photographer).

Workshops received:
– 2017 | Phase One – Think innovafoto.
– 2017 | Lidia Vives – Espai d’art fotografic.
– 2019 | Chisco Ferrer – Espacio Modotti.
– 2021 | Fran Calderón – Kinahaus Experience.
– 2021 | Ivan Dumont – Misses photography.
– 2022 | German Vidal – Kinahaus Experience.
– 2022 | Juan Giménez – Kinahaus Experience.

Workshops taught:
– 2019 | Fashion photography and model direction – Revelarte photography school.
– 2020 | Fashion editorial photography – How to bring a story to fashion photography. – Revelarte School of Photography.
– 2021 | Beauty photography – How does photography influence makeup? -IES Salvador Gadea
– 2022 | Masterclass for models – General information and teaching from photographer to model – Circulo Management.
– 2022 | Workshop – What is and how does stock and commercial photography work? – Open to the public.

– Since 2022 | Valoa Studio – Visual content creation studio. Commercial and lifestyle.

Own evolution:
– Since 2014 | Degree in journalism and advertising (Vzla).
– Since 2016 | Academic studies in photography.
– Since 2017 | Portrait photography and general books.
– Since 2018 | Test for models and agencies.
– Since 2020 | Beauty photography.
– Since 2020 | Fashion editorial photography.
– Since 2021 | Commercial and lifestyle 
– Since 2021 | Books for actors, actresses and artists.

Contact and enquires:
[email protected]

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